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Australia’s Msgr Lynn Moment

In a development similar to charges filed against Philadelphia’s Msgr Lynn, a priest from the Maitland-Newcastle diocese has been charged with covering up the abuse of another priest. Some of the fourteen charges against Fr Tom Brennan relate to alleged … Continue reading

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Evangelii Nuntiandi 9: Salvation

Salvation is more than not-sin, not-death, and not-evil. It has an affirmative dimension, that the human being experiences God in a profound, life-altering way: 9. As the kernel and center of His Good News, Christ proclaims salvation, this great gift … Continue reading

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Built of Living Stones 38-39: Cultural Diversity

Today, the Church does have more of an appreciation for applying the gifts of various cultures to worship. The rites, not as much as architecture and art: § 38 § The church building respects the culture of every time and … Continue reading

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Vanished: NCReg Pulls Controversial Interview

The National Catholic Register has pulled its controversial interview with Fr Benedict Groeschel from its web page. This story seems to be slower in gaining blogotraction than a western bishop’s DUI arrest. But if the NCReg has been shamed (or … Continue reading

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Evangelii Nuntiandi 8: The Kingdom of God

Note the heavy citations of Matthew’s Gospel in today’s section. This should give a balance to all those Luke passages I pulled out on Tuesday. The kingdom of God is a concept rich in imagery, and also full of consequences for … Continue reading

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Where Not To Go For Daily Readings

An example of when not to send a pajama journalist to do a liturgist’s job: Patheos’ Daily Catholic Readings. Where does this go wrong? The archaic English translation–not even an attribution to the translation, though I’m guessing at a glance it’s … Continue reading

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A Compassionate Standard For Others?

When I read Fr Groeschel’s comment about ordained sex predators: And I’m inclined to think, on their first offense, they should not go to jail because their intention was not committing a crime. … I was thinking of other missed … Continue reading

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Built of Living Stones 36-37: A Variety of Ministries

Today, a nod to other ministries: deacon, installed, and others: § 36 § A variety of ministries serve the assembly at the liturgy. First among the ministers is the deacon.(GIRM 94) Some faithful have been installed in the ministries of lector … Continue reading

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Orienting New Liturgical Ministers

This is a common sight in our church these days: liturgical minister orientation. Occasionally, two sessions occur simultaneously. On the left, our new liturgy peer minister, Jessica, is working with three new Communion ministers. On the right, 10:30 choir director … Continue reading

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Evangelii Nuntiandi 7: Evangelization Essentials

This is a bridge section just before the Holy Father launches into some particulars. First, the centrality of Jesus himself in the evangelical effort: 7. During the Synod, the bishops very frequently referred to this truth: Jesus Himself, the Good News … Continue reading

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Groeschel on Abuse, Not So Much

I saw this NCReg interview discussed and linked at RNS, and with a bit of trepidation, I’d like to offer a few observations. Fr Groeschel is an expert in a lot of spiritual matters. He is not an expert in … Continue reading

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Built of Living Stones 35: The Role of the Priest

Canon law and the GIRM give us the word for all priests. Then BLS elaborates on the special tasks of a pastor:  § 35 § Priests are consecrated to “celebrate divine worship and sanctify the people.”(canon law 835 § 2) The priest … Continue reading

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Dreher on Isaac @ BBC: “Blessing in Brokenness”

Many in the Catholic blogosphere have followed Rod Dreher in his career and personal shifts to his Louisiana home and away from Roman Catholicism. I haven’t checked his blogging in awhile, but I was pleased to see this good piece … Continue reading

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Evangelii Nuntiandi 6: The Example of Jesus

Jesus gave a powerful example of evangelization in his public ministry:  6. The witness that the Lord gives of Himself and that Saint Luke gathered together in his Gospel – “I must proclaim the Good News of the kingdom of … Continue reading

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Sunday Masses for Various Needs and Occasions

The third edition of the Roman Missal includes a host of “Masses for Various Needs and Occasions.” Forty-nine in all. In doing research on the Roman Antiphonary and on our running topic of evangelization, I uncovered an interesting fact. Four … Continue reading

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