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Olympic Thoughts

The family and I have been following the 24/7 coverage of the Summer Games. I noticed Michael Mullins’ commentary at Eureka Street that the country-oriented aspect is a problem: Nationalism is the scourge of the modern Olympics. We’ve become more … Continue reading

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Dress For Liturgical Success

The combox is active at PrayTell where, for the ten millionth time or so in the past century, people are discussing appropriate attire for Church. I’m sure we’ve hit on the topic on this blog once or twice in the … Continue reading

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Coming Up: Built of Living Stones

While the fires are still warm from the church and altar dedication rites, I thought it appropriate to tackle a related document. In 2000, the USCCB issued Built of Living Stones (henceforth BLS), expanding on and replacing the 1978 Environment … Continue reading

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Marriage, American Style

Just noting a few adventures in marriage. First, the black couple who, despite being members of Crystal Springs First Baptist Church, were married in another church when their pastor bowed to pressure from a supposed minority of white members. Under … Continue reading

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