Three Communion Ministry Sins

On the PrayTell celiac allergy thread, Paul Inwood describes the three “mortal sins” of Communion ministers:

(a) Not using a fresh piece of purificator for each communicant.
(b) Not wiping the rim thoroughly, inside as well as out.
(c) Not turning the chalice a quarter-turn for the next communicant.

I attended a funeral this morning and received the Eucharist from a priest who performed all of these. I will admit the purificator was still neatly creased after the ten to twelve people in front of me received from the Cup. The brush of the outer rim was there. No turning the chalice.

At some point I will get my daughter to film me training someone and demonstrating proper technique. Look for that soon, will you?

Meanwhile, I really don’t get torqued off by improper procedures by clergy. Yes, they should know better. But with Communion from the Cup, they are inexperienced. Plus, I know the ministers I train pick up bad habits and as much as I tell them to unfold the purificators, our linen ironers do such a spiffy job, I feel a little reticent about messing it up, too.


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Three Communion Ministry Sins

  1. I really have a thing about the purificator, but I almost never see any that are not still folded after communion.

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