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Built of Living Stones 4-6: Challenges and Opportunities

Building a church presents opportunity for a Catholic community, but also potential challenges. How do we give an appropriate expression to the many different styles and forms, even perhaps within a single parish? § 4 § Catholics who live and worship … Continue reading

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To The Dogs?

From Australia’s CathNews site, a liturgy mess. A Melbourne priest presides at liturgy outside the auspices of his archbishop. The Age reports on this. And it happened that while their reporter was in attendance, a visitor gave part of his communion … Continue reading

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Ecclesiae Sanctae III Introduction

After Vatican II, you liturgy geeks will recall that a small raft of documents was produced to guide the implementation of Sacrosanctum Concilium, the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy. The 1966 document Ecclesiae Sanctae was intended to do the same … Continue reading

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