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Built of Living Stones 7-8: Vatican II and Afterward

The principles of Catholic art and architecture were addressed at the Second Vatican Council, and in many implementation and other post-conciliar documents: § 7 § In 1962 Pope John XXIII convened the Second Vatican Council to help the Church renew … Continue reading

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Ecclesiae Sanctae III 1

To apply the Decree more readily and faithfully, the following are set down: Let’s begin the body of the document with a small nibble. 1. Mission Theology should be so incorporated in the teaching and development of theological doctrine that … Continue reading

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Curious About Curiosity?

The site Universe Today as ample coverage of the Curiosity landing on Mars. You can catch the image of the parachute stage of the landing snatched from Mars orbit (left). There’s a movie picking things up after the heat shield was jettisoned. … Continue reading

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