Ecclesiae Sanctae III 6: Urgency in Evangelization

We read of urgency here, but how have we done in the past two generations?

6. Realizing the urgency of the evangelization of the world, bishops should promote missionary vocations among their own clergy and youth; and they should provide institutes engaged in missionary work with the means and opportunity to make the diocese aware of the needs of the missions and to inspire missionary vocations. (Ad Gentes 38)

In fostering vocations for the missions, the Church’s mission to all peoples and the ways in which various institutes, priests, Religious and laity of both sexes strive to fulfill this mission should be diligently explained. Particular emphasis should be given to the special missionary vocation “for life” (Ad Gentes 23-24), and illustrative examples should be given.

Note that even clergy are seen as potential candidates for an “additional” vocation.

Those “institutes?” Conferences, workshops, or what do you suppose is meant by this?

That vocation “for life” is certainly part of the Church’s mission. But the post-conciliar experience has seen a stronger following for a temporary commitment. That has advantages. It gives young people an opportunity to test the mission apostolate. It sends many of them back into the mainstream of the life of the Church to give witness for others.

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