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Ecclesiae Sanctae III 7-8: Material Support

Today’s two sections outline very briefly that each diocese support the missions financially. As far as I know, this has always been my experience in every parish I’ve served and lived in: the mission apostolate is supported by a special … Continue reading

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Built of Living Stones 12-15: God’s Building

Chapter One, The Living Church (BLS 12-45) begins with a section entitled, “The Living Church: God’s Building.” Let’s look at it in its entirety: § 12 § God created the universe so that all might have a part in his divine … Continue reading

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Speaking of LCWR

Some key quotes from the past few days. First, from outgoing prez Sr Pat Farrell: Dialogue on doctrine is not going to be our starting point. Our starting point will be about our own life and about our understanding of … Continue reading

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Gratitude, And Lack Thereof

Frequent commenter Jimmy Mac sent me the link to this YouTube video. The LCWR sisters thank the waitstaff at the hotel. As of this morning, ten likes, twenty-four dislikes. I guess some Catholics still bristle at the notion that sisters … Continue reading

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