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Ecclesiae Sanctae III 9-12: Bishops and Missionary Institutes

Some oversight issues on the level of the national conference: 9. In the episcopal conferences there should be an episcopal commission for the missions which will have the duty of fostering missionary activity, mission awareness, coordinated arrangements for cooperation among … Continue reading

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An Inkling on Mercury

C.S. Lewis wrote of Mars and Venus, but not the solar system’s innermost planet. His good friend, J.R.R. Tolkien now has a namesake crater there, near the Mercurian north pole. The convention is that craters on that planet are named … Continue reading

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Built of Living Stones 16-18: The Church Building

Chapter One’s second heading, “The Church Building,” covers heavily footnoted ground: § 16 § Just as the term Church refers to the living temple, God’s People, the term church also has been used to describe “the building in which the … Continue reading

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MHR In the Blogo-Big Time

Frequent commenter and friend Jimmy Mac has been keeping me updated on the drag queen not welcome/welcome flap at his parish. Religion News Service’s daily roundup has linked to this secular outlet’s news piece. The news has hit the blogosphere big … Continue reading

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