Ecclesiae Sanctae III 9-12: Bishops and Missionary Institutes

Some oversight issues on the level of the national conference:

9. In the episcopal conferences there should be an episcopal commission for the missions which will have the duty of fostering missionary activity, mission awareness, coordinated arrangements for cooperation among the dioceses, and also of maintaining relations with other episcopal conferences and seeking ways to maintain equity as far as possible in missionary aid. (Ad Gentes 38)

10. Since missionary institutes remain extremely necessary, let all recognize that they have an office of evangelization entrusted to them by ecclesiastical authority to carry out the missionary duty of the entire People of God. (Ad Gentes 27)

11. Bishops should also use missionary institutes to inspire the faithful with zeal for things missionary and they should, observing the right order, provide opportunities for these institutes to arouse and foster mission vocations among youth and to seek contributions. (Ad Gentes 23, 37, 38)

However, to maintain greater unity and efficiency, bishops should make use of the national or regional mission council which will consist of the directors of the pontifical mission societies and the missionary institutes functioning in the country or region.

12. Each missionary institute should immediately take steps toward its own adaptation and renewal, particularly regarding its methods of preaching the Gospel and of Christian initiation and its form of community life (Perfectae Caritatis 3).


Missionary institutes: these would be particular societies ordered around the charism and apostolate of evangelization, I presume. These institutes are in possession of the “office” for this ministry in the Church. They provide the energy for the gathering of vocations, with the cooperation of the bishops, of course.

These institutes were charged to undertake conciliar renewal from the promulgation of this document in 1966.

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