MHR In the Blogo-Big Time

Frequent commenter and friend Jimmy Mac has been keeping me updated on the drag queen not welcome/welcome flap at his parish. Religion News Service’s daily roundup has linked to this secular outlet’s news piece. The news has hit the blogosphere big time, and it’s all a big mistake, it seems.

The drag queen question? MHR business manager Michael Poma:

Father Brian wasn’t educated about the importance of drag queens in the gay community. Once it was explained to him, he said they were welcome  to attend as long as their behavior was church-appropriate.

Mr Poma again:

This is not a ban on drag queens or an insult to the gay community whatsoever. In the church hall there have been issues with weddings and other  groups, so we decided to put an end to them altogether. We are part of the  community here and to think that we’re banning drag queens is obnoxious and  ridiculous.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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