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Saudis Object to .catholic

Saudi Arabia has a problem with .catholic domains going to the Roman Catholic church: Many other Christians use the term ‘Catholic’ to refer more broadly to the whole Christian Church regardless of denominational affiliation. True. Probably more other Christians would … Continue reading

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Shabby Treatment

From Bishop Lynch’s tribute to Bishop Trautman: I accompanied Bishop Trautman and others on his Committee to the Congregation for Divine Worship to make the strongest case for gender sensitive (aka “inclusive”) language only to have him treated very shabbily … Continue reading

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Built of Living Stones 21: The Importance of Liturgy

This is another excellent section for discussion: § 21 § The liturgy is the perfect expression of the Church, “the summit toward which [all the Church’s] activity is directed” and the source of all her power. (SC 10) In the New … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: Phases of Gravity

I thought I was picking up a new book. On the cover, one of astronaut Alan Bean’s striking paintings was catchy for a volume that didn’t have the SF tag at my local library. Sure enough, it was SF mega-author … Continue reading

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Ecclesiae Sanctae III 15-16: By The Numbers

A few dry sections, including the make-up of the SCPF, and a breakdown by the numbers: 15. Unless in individual cases the Supreme Pontiff decrees otherwise, 24 representatives take part in the direction of the Sacred Congregation for the Propagation … Continue reading

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