Ecclesiae Sanctae III 15-16: By The Numbers

A few dry sections, including the make-up of the SCPF, and a breakdown by the numbers:

15. Unless in individual cases the Supreme Pontiff decrees otherwise, 24 representatives take part in the direction of the Sacred Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith with a deliberative vote. These are: 12 prelates from the missions, 4 from other regions, 4 from the superiors of institutes, 4 from the pontifical mission societies. All will be called together twice a year. Members of this body are to be named for five-year terms, with approximately one-fifth changed each year. On completion of their term, they can be named for another five years.

Episcopal conferences, however, institutes and the pontifical mission societies, observing norms to be communicated as soon as possible by the Apostolic See, are to propose the names from which the Supreme Pontiff will choose the above-mentioned representatives and also the names of those, even if they live in the missions, from whom consultors can be chosen.

Bishops suggest, the pope selects. The past few decades, since careerism has been ramped up, it seems likely that curial insiders have the pope’s ear on those selections. Does this hold for the SCPF?

16. Representatives of Religious institutes in the missions, of regional mission societies and lay councils, especially those which are international, are to take part in meetings of this curial office with a consultative vote. (Ad GentesĀ 29)

Lay people, including religious, are consultants. “Consultative vote”–I wonder what that means, exactly.


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