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Built of Living Stones 23-24: Incarnate Signs

Part of the Catholic genius is the care taken to facilitate an experience of the┬ádivine that is tangible–something we can see, hear, feel, taste, and smell. This gets the realm of God out of thoughts and speech, and into┬ásomething of … Continue reading

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Satellite Imagination: Honoring a Wife

Pluto has been demoted from planethood, but before that determination and after, it has been carefully studied. As much as a point of light on a photographic plate can be studied. Clyde Tombaugh really picked a needle out of a … Continue reading

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Ecclesiae Sanctae III 18: Collaboration and Study

This section has a lot of meat on which to chew. First, a suggestion that episcopal conferences work across national borders to serve more effectively: 18. Because it is desirable that episcopal conferences in the missions be united in organic … Continue reading

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