Ecclesiae Sanctae III 22-24: Finishing Up

Bringing this Vatican II implementation document to a close, we read of …

22. Scientific institutes should be increased in the missions according to needs and possibilities. These should work together with concerted effort so that the labors of research and specialization are properly organized; care should be taken to avoid duplication of projects of the same nature in the same region (Ad Gentes 34).

23. Cooperation with missionary bishops is necessary in order that immigrants from mission countries may be properly received and assisted by fitting pastoral care from bishops in established Christian countries (Ad Gentes 38).

24. Regarding lay(persons) in the missions:

(1) The sincere intention of serving the missions, maturity, suitable preparation, professional specialization as it is called, and a suitable time to be spent in the missions are to be urged.

(2) Lay mission organizations should be efficiently coordinated.

(3) The bishop of the mission should be solicitous for the welfare of such lay(persons).

(4) Social security is to be assured for these lay(persons) (Ad Gentes 41).

Not as exciting as the liturgy documents. Liturgy is much more developed in the Roman tradition than evangelization. So much in the preaching of the Gospel depends on the setting. As much as some might wince, effective evangelization is relative.

Next up: Evangelii Nuntiandi.


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One Response to Ecclesiae Sanctae III 22-24: Finishing Up

  1. FrMichael says:

    I don’t remember leaving a comment for this series, but did read it through. Thanks for the postings.

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