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As A Priest, Acts of God

I note that blogocommenters are going either goo-goo or gah! over Archbishop Dolan’s invite to pray “as a priest” at Tampa’s GOP Convention in a few weeks. I confess I can’t get excited either way. The Cardinal is a US … Continue reading

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Baptist Funeral

My mother’s only sibling passed away last Friday after nearly ninety-one years of life capped by a four-month struggle with cancer. She was my last and favorite aunt. Despite the trip aligning with the first three days of Iowa State … Continue reading

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Evangelii Nuntiandi 1: Proclaiming the Gospel to the People of Today

It seemsĀ that many believers approach the modern world somewhere along a spectrum of two mindsets. One might lament the present day and its many problems, and look to the Church as a bastion of good sense and virtue, holding back … Continue reading

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Built of Living Stones 27: Five Principles

The last section of BLS Chapter 1 treats “Liturgical Principles for Building or Renovating Churches.” We will devote the next week looking at these principles. BLS informs us these principles are found in Sacrosanctum Concilium and the various liturgical documents … Continue reading

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