Evangelii Nuntiandi 9: Salvation

Salvation is more than not-sin, not-death, and not-evil. It has an affirmative dimension, that the human being experiences God in a profound, life-altering way:

9. As the kernel and center of His Good News, Christ proclaims salvation, this great gift of God which is liberation from everything that oppresses (humankind) but which is above all liberation from sin and the Evil One, in the joy of knowing God and being known by Him, of seeing Him, and of being given over to Him. All of this is begun during the life of Christ and definitively accomplished by His death and resurrection. But it must be patiently carried on during the course of history, in order to be realized fully on the day of the final coming of Christ, whose date is known to no one except the Father.[Cf. Mt. 24:36; Acts 1:7; 1 Thess 5:1-2]

Where I see the significance is simply this: the observer of a Christian considers sin. Is the Christian truly virtuous by the apparent lack of sin, or is this just another instance of masking the true inner person, who may in fact, be a creep, or worse. And we Christians, alas, have far too many examples of people wrapped in the mantle of virtue who are found to be anything but virtuous. A lack of sin and damnation is not visible to mortal eyes, but the grace of knowing God and the human reaction in joy to this: this is part of what colors us as participants in Christ’s salvation, and part of what attracts the non-believer, the seeker, or the returning believer.

Your thoughts on salvation: do you see it as part of the Kingdom of God, or as a separate quality?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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