Barbarians at the Gates? Which Ones?

I see some of my Facebook and orthodox conservative Catholic friends are waxing I-told-you-so on “top director” Nick Cassavetes’ suggestion that incest is okay. It’s all the fault, so we are told, of the gay marriage movement. And it was all entirely predictable.

The comments come after he unveiled his latest movie “Yellow” – in which a woman had an incestuous affair with her brother that is in prison – at the Toronto Film Festival. The movie does not yet have a distributor in the states.


A guy who has directed seven films in sixteen years is not a “top” Hollywood director. He seems closer to being the Joe Shlabotnik of Tinseltown. And wonder of wonders–he has a movie made about incest.

So let’s review. A guy who wants to get his film shown in US movie theatres makes an outlandish statement or two about sex between consenting adults. The dude seems to want attention. In a capitalistic, wanna-make-money way. So the Catholic Right complies with the request, and the publicist earns a paycheck for the week.

I’d say Mr Cassavetes has more in common with Jerry Springer or Howard Stern than same-sex couples. Looks like simple exploitative, opportunistic entrepreneurship to me–the kind of stuff that political candidates favored by the orthodox conservative are lining up with this cycle.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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