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Secrets To Be Dashed

Well over twenty years ago, I was seeing a counselor regularly for a few years. Young adult issues surfaced in my life with a roar: sex and relationships, family-of-origin issues, compulsions and self-destructive behavior, an unpleasant boss. Nothing life-threatening, but … Continue reading

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Evangelii Nuntiandi 23: Full Development

How do we assess the development of faith? By the knowledgeable and accurate presentation of the evangelizer, the catechist, or the pastoral minister? Nope. When the seeker has “adhered” to a new way of life: 23. In fact the proclamation … Continue reading

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Blood and Body?

I was having a discussion with a priest friend of mine about the order of receiving the Body and Blood at Mass. I said there was no legislation in place for the laity, only custom. He said that priests are … Continue reading

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Built of Living Stones 63-65: The Chair for the Priest Celebrant

Let’s look at what BLS has to say about the priest’s chair:  § 63 § The chair of the priest celebrant stands “as a symbol of his office of presiding over the assembly and of directing prayer.”(GIRM 310) An appropriate placement … Continue reading

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