Lamb of God, Reclassified

Liam alerted me to the US BCDW’s directive to end the authorization of christological or eucharistic tropes for the Agnus Dei. I can’t find anything on the USCCB sites, but Jerry Galipeau has the word on his blog. I would take that as gospel, coming from him.

I don’t mind the reclassification of the Lamb of God from litany to liturgical song or acclamation. The litanic aspect remains in theory, but given the way the piece has been rendered through the centuries, I’d say any recovery of “litany” has been shelved. Does it matter? Maybe not.

On the whole, I applaud the gains made by the assembly for this part of the Communion Rite. As long as music ministers are diligent in beginning the Communion Song as the priest receives the Eucharist, the people get one, maybe two verses of a Communion Song before the procession begins. I hear a good amount of singing while Communion ministers get organized. On the whole, my two parishes have reaped benefits from the adjustments in procedures and the clarification that the Lamb of God is no longer a litany. The fraction rite no longer needs an extension except in the most extraordinary of situations.

I sum up my reaction as … meh.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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