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Professionals and Entitlement

Professor Ralph Martin’s commentary on post-conciliar evangelization, or the perceived lack of it, is interesting. I think he has one misdiagnosis: (M)any Catholics were confused by the council’s laudable emphasis on ecumenism and interreligious dialogue into thinking that “maybe it … Continue reading

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Evangelii Nuntiandi 63: Communicating to the Listeners

We all struggle with the risk of losing something in translation. It is a failing of human communication. We do not always say what we mean. People do not always hear what is proclaimed. 63. The individual Churches, intimately built … Continue reading

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Built of Living Stones 132-134: Stations of the Cross

Three sections devoted to a time-honored tradition picked up from Jerusalem in ancient times, and thanks to the Franciscans, we have as a part of nearly every Catholic church yet today: § 132 § The Stations of the Cross originated … Continue reading

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Ping! is not how my priest friend describes it. It doesn’t quite capture my sense of the Spirit’s subtle influence either. Maybe it’s a bit too frivolous. But it’s close. Many believers think of a well-formed conscience in terms of … Continue reading

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