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Advent Wreath

Our townie neighbors to the north have their Advent wreath set up in their narthex. The icon of Christ in the center–that’s usually where they display an icon or image of a saint on the feast day. I like this … Continue reading

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What’s for dinner? Leftovers. I had some cooked chicken from the other night. Refried with garlic, corn, and melon seed pasta. Tomato juice and a pat of cream cheese. Simmer till the pasta is done and then sprinkle with basil.

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Built of Living Stones 193-195: Surveying Existing Churches

The bishops recommend a fmailiarity with good work done elsewhere. Sound advice: § 193 § Before people make architectural and liturgical decisions, they need some experience of the broad spectrum of architectural designs already in new and renovated churches. People’s … Continue reading

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Porta Fidei 2: Crisis Of Faith

Pope Benedict’s personal assessment comes to the fore here, as one might expect when the references are his own homilies. Let’s read: 2. Ever since the start of my ministry as Successor of Peter, I have spoken of the need … Continue reading

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Note The Moon’s Movements

Did you catch the full moon last night with Jupiter as a “punctuation mark” just above it? Over Iowa, the king of planets was almost washed out in the moonlight and hazy sky in the east last night. Today’s Astronomy … Continue reading

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Built of Living Stones 191-192: Priorities and Stewardship of Resources

Are the bishops overly optimistic about this? § 191 § Since the building of a place of worship has serious financial implications, wise stewardship of resources demands that the parish establish liturgical, spiritual, artistic, and social priorities upon which financial … Continue reading

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Porta Fidei 1: The Door of Faith

Before much more of the Year of Faith proceeds, it may be worthwhile to look at Pope Benedict’s document from last Fall declaring the observance. Possibly it gives us an opportunity to review the Holy Father’s intent and to assess initiatives large and … Continue reading

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