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Get Out And Vote

It’s a good thing to do, even if you’re embittered about your election choices this year. Voting is a relatively recent human phenomenon, and it gives citizens a powerful voice, even if an indirect one, in the halls of government. … Continue reading

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The Liberal Case Against Cardinal Mahony

I was reading in Tom Roberts’ book The Emerging Catholic Church and found an interesting anecdote about the retired archbishop of Los Angeles. Roberts was writing about research work done by sociologists Richard Schoenherr and Lawrence Young on the projected … Continue reading

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Built of Living Stones 147: Drawing the Beholder to the Creator

John Paul II’s Letter To Artists (we really need to spend time with that document) leads off with a thought that we are not surprised comes from an artist (a playwright) himself: § 147 § Quality art draws the beholder … Continue reading

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Saint John Vianney has a marvelous quote appropriate for November, for thoughts of pilgrimage and the inevitable death that awaits each of us before we reach the final stage: Our home is—Heaven. On earth we are like travelers staying in … Continue reading

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Evangelii Nuntiandi 72: Young People

This was a focus of the last pope: Catholic youth. 72. Circumstances invite us to make special mention of the young. Their increasing number and growing presence in society and likewise the problems assailing them should awaken in every one … Continue reading

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