The Sun Rose Bright Post-Election

It did, literally. In my own backyard.

Election Day was a thrill from a civic viewpoint. I arrived at the polling place at 6 o’clock and joined six other workers for a seventeen-hour day. My precinct (I worked my own home turf for the first time ever.) was inundated with same-day registrants. Lots of new voters born between 1988 and 1994. We had a five-minute pause about an hour into voting (8am) and worked to keep up for the next thirteen hours. We always had a line. Once it shrunk to about six voters. But most often, a citizen had a forty to seventy-minute wait. I have some catching up to do at the parish today, but I hope to write a bit more on the election official experience before I forget some details.

I began reading a few of the usual Catholic suspects last night and this morning. I appreciate much of Msgr Charles Pope’s blog material. His political postings, not so much. He has his laments about yesterday, fair enough, but for a self-professed non-political guy, he seems quick to read into my comments there. I think I’ll have a lot more to write about in the coming days about the Church and American politics. I’ve already seen a few tart bombs lobbed at Archbishop Lori and Maryland Catholics for “allowing” same-sex unions to be voter-approved in that state. Watch out: cannibalism might become institutionalized–and you thought we’ve had enough of vampires.

More blogging tonight.

Meanwhile, any good stories from yesterday?

About catholicsensibility

Todd and his family live in Ames, Iowa. He serves a Catholic parish of both Iowa State students and town residents.
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One Response to The Sun Rose Bright Post-Election

  1. John McGrath says:

    Good term there, Catholic Cannibalism. Used to refer to the Eucharist (by the bishops’ current political allies), now it’s incestuous, a term referring to miscreant Catholic behavior toward each other. Hatred, contempt, pettiness and sarcasm now seem to be considered gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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