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Tobiah and Sarah on the Wedding Night

A video segment from dress rehearsal last year. “Raphael Binds the Demon” plus “Marriage Prayer.” TOBIAH Blessed are you. God of our ancestors, blessed forever is your holy name. Let the heavens praise you, and all your creation for evermore. … Continue reading

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Not So Solemn All Saints Blessings

I meant to blog about this the other week, but consider yourselves forewarned for next year’s November 1 observance. The solemn blessing for All Saints was so bad that the priest who used it for the vigil Mass on Wednesday … Continue reading

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Evangelii Nuntiandi 79: Signs of Love

I think we can ask a fair question. Do people serve the Church for the sake of loving others as Christ did, or is the primary motivation their personal salvation? Pope Paul’s emphasis on love is not faddish. He has … Continue reading

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National Investigation on Sex Abuse

I can only imagine the falloutĀ among some US CatholicsĀ if the US government conducted a national investigation of the sex abuse cover-up of bishops. It’s happening in Australia. Prime minister Julia Gillard has authorized an inquiry that will look at everybody: … Continue reading

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