Anglican/Catholic Endings

Reading with some lament the abandonment of shared Sunday worship at Holy Apostles in Virginia Beach. The description of two separate altars, one each for Catholics and Anglicans strikes me as somewhat cringe-worthy. But it’s been a liturgical practice there for thirty-four years and hasn’t yet emptied the pews.

It reminds me of the situation my late brother found himself in many years ago. In California, he was a “high-church” Lutheran, and once found himself at a Catholic wake of a friend. The priest didn’t show up to lead the rosary, and my sister-in-law reported that after a brief check-in among those present, my brother drew upon his experience and offered his leadership services to the gathered Catholics.

A bishop is morally and theologically obligated to work for Christian unity. If indeed the time has come to end the Holy Apostles Sunday experiment, it is incumbent upon the bishops involved to forward other substantive ideas.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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