Teen Daughters Are Mysteries

Lately, I’ve been tapping into my assessment from forty years ago that female teens were intimidating, strange, and just a cause for worry. These days, I just can’t figure them out. Tuesday I asked the young miss, “It’s the last home volleyball match at ISU. Want to go?”

“I dunno.”

I reminded her on Thursday. Same mumbled answer.

Yesterday, my wife and I spent the afternoon picking through retail wreckage after the locusts descended on Black Friday. It was nice to spend a few hours with my wife. When I settled in at my desk at the parish a bit after 4 yesterday, I thought I’d get four, maybe five hours of Christmas planning, email catching-up, and the little stuff that didn’t happen this week. So after only a half-hour, I get a text from my daughter:

I do want to go to the game.

It’s not often I will get an offer like that from the young miss. Work can wait. It was a great match, especially for the home team.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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