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The Armchair Liturgist: Scripture Homework at Mass

The priest at daily Mass today dropped a piece of “homework” at the end of his homily. “Deuteronomy 11:12,” he said. “Look it up–that is your message.” I did look it up. It’s here. What do you think of this … Continue reading

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No More Russian Children to the US

This is not new information, that tomorrow a Russian law goes into effect that makes illegal the American adoption of Russian children. UCA News covers it here, with this statement about the state of those children’s souls: Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, … Continue reading

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Referring Sites and 2013 Directions

WordPress tells me that after Facebook and Google, the top sites that referred visitors to Catholic Sensibility were the Chant Cafe and Patheos. I’m far from agreeing with a good quantity of the content on those sites, but I thank their hosts … Continue reading

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Reconciliation Lectionary: 1 John 2:3-11

Readers may wonder why, in the middle of the Christmas season, I would choose to start a new series on the Lectionary for Reconciliation. Well, a few reasons. I do see that reconciliation is aligned closely with the thrust of … Continue reading

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Christmas Music: Lauda per la Natività del Signore

Ottorino Respighi’s cantata, Praise for the Lord’s Nativity, is a delightful piece for chorus and three soloists, accompanied by a small wind ensemble, and piano four hands. Listen to it here. His wife Elsa sang the role of Mary at … Continue reading

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Using Holy Innocents

Somewhere today, some preacher is likely drawing some connection from the massacre of the young boys of Bethlehem and abortion. And Newtown. Probably not the infants who die from particular diseases, or from famine in places like Africa, or even … Continue reading

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Holy Family Options

The Lectionary edition of 1998 gave us a number of new readings. The most prominent additions were for some of the white feasts that pop up during the year, including the observance of the Holy Family on the Sunday between … Continue reading

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Seeds of Merton’s Verbs

My Lord God, I have no idea where I am going. I do not see the road ahead of me. I cannot know for certain where it will end. Nor do I really know myself, and that I think I … Continue reading

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To This World’s Night

From Bede the Venerable, a reflection on the feast just begun for the Eastern Hemisphere, and soon to come for us in the West: Christ is the morning Star, who, when the night of this world is past, gives to … Continue reading

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Built of Living Stones 257-261: Conclusion

Let’s wrap up the document … § 257 § Church architecture embodies the Gospel and awakens true liturgical piety in all believers, drawing them into the life of the Triune God.(Catechism 1079-1109) The eucharistic piety around which churches are built … Continue reading

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Built of Living Stones 253-256: Preservation of the Artistic Heritage of the Church

A great deal of confidence in blending tradition with modern creativity: § 253 § The coexistence of past and present called for in renovating and restoring church art and architecture is not without rich, multilayered and successful precedent. “The Church … Continue reading

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Advent Lectionary: Luke 1:78-79

Most Catholics that go to Mass on Christmas Eve are not going for the Mass for December 24th. Many of those who do will enjoy the end of Luke’s first chapter, the canticle of the priest Zechariah. I love the … Continue reading

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Built of Living Stones 247-252: The Space for the Reservation of the Blessed Sacrament

Let’s take a longer look at the reservation of the Eucharist in a renovated church. § 247 § In an earlier chapter, the issue of the location of the tabernacle was covered. The structure of the existing building will determine … Continue reading

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Weathering The Monopolies

Last night, I almost exhausted myself shovelling a walking path to the street. Ames got ten inches yesterday, but the drift in front of the house was well over a foot. I expected the schools to be open. I wanted … Continue reading

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Built of Living Stones 245-246: The Altar

Two issues today. First, the altar. The one altar: § 245 § In the construction of new churches, there should be only one altar to signify the one Eucharist and the one Lord, Jesus Christ, who gathers the community at … Continue reading

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