Advent Music: “Celestial Gate”

Luke Hill at dotCommonweal makes a case for a very wide musical Advent/Christmas. I can’t refute it. At my house, there is considerable variety in listening tastes as well as film viewing (Christmases in Connecticut, Canaan, and lots of other places).

I thought I’d peruse my personal library and offer some listening suggestions for this month. My friends and readers know my tastes run pretty eclectic. But many of you might find many of these suggestions helpful to draw you in more deeply into the waiting of these weeks before Christmas.

Today’s suggestion is a more obscure symphony of the great American composer of the last century, Alan Hovhaness. Speaking in commentary of this work …

(M)usic is a sacred art, a pathway through a living universe, merging East and West, heaven and earth, addressed not to the snobbish few but to all people as an inspiration in their journey through the universe.

I loved listening to this piece in the dark, headphones on, laying on the bed or on the floor. Twenty-one minutes of pilgrimage through a universe where grace continues to break through our prisons, the skies open, and we are lifted into a place that, while a bit beyond the ordinary, seems to welcome us and bring us peace.

I hope you enjoy:

Symphony number 6, “Celestial Gate”

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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