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It’s Called the Virtue of Prudence

The Vatican wants to shut down Sunday shopping in Italy. All of a sudden, that’s become a liberal cause: giving small businesses relief from the relentless push from corporations that can keep stores open 24/7. And crush any local competitors. … Continue reading

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Tau Ceti Musings: Interstellar Obsolescence

With the discovery of five planets orbiting the star Tau Ceti, does this mean all the sf literature on that system is now obsolete? My take is that Asimov, Clarke, Niven, and others will eventually pass into the realm of … Continue reading

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NRA Goes Dark

Facebook and Twitter for the NRA has been shut down. I suppose there’s nothing to say in polite (or even internet) company these days about lobbying for semiautomatic weaponry and armor-piercing ammunition. My own history is that my dad owned … Continue reading

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Built of Living Stones 238-239: Special Issues in the Renovation of Churches

Let’s tackle the very delicate situation when it is discerned that an existing church building must be significantly altered. § 238 § When a parish constructs a new building, there are many options available for responding to the liturgical needs … Continue reading

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