Still Conferencing

Posting will be light for a few days here …

We’re finishing up the campus ministry conference. It has been a rich experience in the usual ways for me: connecting with new colleagues, sharing insights with my friends on staff here with me, and the various presentations.

The liturgical experience here has been quite good. The music is mostly unfamiliar–lots of 2000’s stuff. No chant. No P&W. Hymnody and mainstream contemporary music. A bit of Taize.

Today’s keynote by Archbishop Chaput was competent. The man has a warm speaking voice. He began his talk with the illustration of the deep relationship between Thomas More and his daughter Margaret. That was excellent. Some attempts at humor are a little sharp. He can’t leave politics alone. Someone asked him a question about religious plurality on Roman Catholic campuses, and he readily conceded he had never considered the matter. To the surprise of some here, he asserted that business as usual will no longer work for the Church. And he’s right, of course. The main problem with that statement is that coming from a bishop, he rather controls the aspects of “t”radition that will be exempt because they touch on something of the ecclesiastical aristocracy, and not really matters that come from the Lord.

But overall, the Archbishop’s talk was genuine, candid, and pleasant. Drawing the correlation of Thomas More and his daughter to the campus minister and the college student was so thoughtful and moving. Kudos for that, in a big way.

Afternoon sessions on discernment (with Mike Hayes, Busted Halo co-founder) and technology (with one of our Iowa State graduates now in full-time ministry) were good.

I have a few things on my mind, so I went to my room early tonight. I have a full weekend of liturgies to get prepared, plus an all-afternoon leadership retreat on Sunday. I may drop in a post on Scripture Saturday if I get a moment. Otherwise, blogging will likely resume on Monday.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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