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Pope Benedict’s Retirement Party

The students have planned a social after our weekly Thursday night Mass tonight. They’ve requested people bring cats. My cats don’t like to travel, so I brought a stuffed tiger from my very early childhood. Here he is posing with … Continue reading

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Reconciliation Lectionary: Micah 7:2-7, 18-20

Number 131 of the Rite of Penance, gives us something of a Jekyll-and-Hyde reading. The first six verses are one of the most powerful laments in the Old Testament. The prophet Micah has really hit bottom, hasn’t he? Everyone is … Continue reading

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Greetings for Lent?

Merry Christmas. Happy Easter. We Christians hit up our friends and some strangers on big feasts with pumped up versions of hi-how-are-you. Nothing much for Lent, though. If you’re like me, same ol’, same ol’. Have you ever wondered why … Continue reading

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Reconciliation Lectionary: Psalm 51:14 & 17, 19

Give me back the joy of your salvation, and a willing spirit sustain in me. O Lord, open my lips, and my mouth shall proclaim your praise. My sacrifice, O God, is a contrite spirit; a heart contrite and humbled, … Continue reading

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Carnival of Space 290

I used to contribute sporadically to blog carnivals. But they seemed to have disappeared mostly, at least from the Catholic bloggerhood. Or the hoods I visit regularly to occasionally. That would be an interesting phenomenon to study. But another day. … Continue reading

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And Then There Were 115

David Gibson characterizes a campaign season as “nasty, brutish.” Doesn’t it seem to be the case? Another breach from the secular culture into the Church. These red hats had better watch out–at this rate they might end up at the … Continue reading

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The Brightest Stars

I’ve been reading quite a bit in 2013, including some books on astronomy. In the next few weeks, I’ll take a look at some volumes currently on my bookshelf and assess them for readability by the general public, for amateur … Continue reading

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The Momentum of Non-Change

We’ve been fairly fortunate since our church fire to have consistent worship in one place on Sundays. Today, however, was the only exile weekend (late September to mid-April) in which our usual venue, the Iowa State Center’s Benton Auditorium, was … Continue reading

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Four First Words

The Seven Last Words of Christ have long been a Christian observance, especially on Good Friday. Earlier today I was reflecting on Jesus first words in John’s Gospel, and I wondered how the Lord’s first utterances compared. Maybe they deserve … Continue reading

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A More Reasonable Look

I cannot read the original Italian article to make an assessment anything like Robert Moynihan’s piece on the gay lobby/blackmail/college of cardinal news bomb of the past few days. His “Letter #19” strikes me as sensible commentary. Toward the end … Continue reading

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Reconciliation Lectionary: Psalm 51:9-13

As given in number 139 of the Rite of Penance, Psalm 51 is presented almost in its entirety. Thirteen and a half verses are organized into seven stanzas–more text than you’ll find in any responsorial psalm in the Missal. Did … Continue reading

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Latest Vatican Story

The gay lobby story coming out of Rome seemed to be just a little too much to be believed. I was relieved to see John Allen weigh in with some sensible commentary. If you want to understand why Benedict is … Continue reading

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Reconciliation Lectionary: Psalm 51:6ab, 7-8

Sometimes a reading raises questions. These verses of Psalm 51 do for me: “Against you only have I sinned, and done what is evil in your sight.” Indeed, in guilt I was born, and in sin my mother conceived me; … Continue reading

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More Conclave Thoughts

Here’s a quote of the day from last month, via RNS. Robert Mickens, The Tablet: It’s not clear that it would make any difference to have a pope with an African or Latin American face if he turned out to … Continue reading

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SSPX Deadline in Two Days

Did anyone else see this? The SSPX has until Friday to accept the CDF’s final offer. It would not be correct to call it an ultimatum as such but the document … imposes a deadline on the Lefebvrians for the first … Continue reading

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