CDF: Still Not Getting It

An extended feature up at CNS on a Boston priest assigned to the CDF as point-person on child abuse.

(The CDF) asked every bishops’ conference in the world to submit guidelines for assisting victims; protecting children; selecting and training priests and religious; dealing with accused priests; and collaborating with local authorities.

It seems they will continue to be caught flatfooted on episodes like the Gomez-Mahony flare-up as long as guidelines exclude dealing with the largest source of discouragement: the mismanagement of bishops.

Father Oliver said “three-quarters” of the world’s 112 bishops’ conferences have sent in guidelines, and the doctrinal congregation has just begun responding with observations and suggestions. Most of the countries that have not yet responded are in Africa, he said.

I believe clergy and laity want their bishops to be moral leaders, courageous and discerning. Willing to take more than ghost stands on imagined persecutions.

Missing from the CNS report was Fr Oliver’s praise for the media:

They helped to keep the energy … the movement going so that we would honestly and with transparency and with our strength confront what is true

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to CDF: Still Not Getting It

  1. Oh my Lord, they do not get it. At. All.

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