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Exit Concubines, Enter One Singin’ Coat

Several months ago I began the book of Genesis as a source for my daily practice of lectio divina. One of my staff colleagues suggested it when I was close to completing Mark’s Gospel and mentioned I was considering Old Testament … Continue reading

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On The Clock?

The Goodbye Bad Bishops site* seems to have been taken over by the Chinese, but if any fisheaters are still keeping track, I wonder if they will put longtime conservative darling Archbishop John Myers on the clock for his latest … Continue reading

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CDF Not Getting It, Prequel

Grant Gallicho’s compare and contrast at dotCommonweal draws a good bit of commentary. The 2002 CDF position, channeled by Cardinal Ratzinger, is up for a dollop of criticism. Here it is: But I am personally convinced that the constant presence in … Continue reading

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Is Disinvite Ever A Good Practice?

It’s been brought up in discussion among various groups in my parish this semester. This person did appear via Skype last week and this person will speak in another week-and-a-half. Neither appearance is without controversy. Milwaukee priests want to disinvite the … Continue reading

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