Exit Concubines, Enter One Singin’ Coat

Several months ago I began the book of Genesis as a source for my daily practice of lectio divina. One of my staff colleagues suggested it when I was close to completing Mark’s Gospel and mentioned I was considering Old Testament alternatives.

I’ve arrived at my favorite part of that first biblical book. Reflecting on Genesis 37:1-9 yesterday, the day’s impact wasn’t so much any insight from the text. (I was drawn to the words and contrast on love and hate.) This section was in mind for hours afterward, especially from 5:23 onward. Jumping ahead a bit, I know.

I find it a refreshing change from the multiple wives and offspring of many main figures: Jacob, Esau, Abraham. (Quick quiz: how many women bore Abraham’s children? Answer in comments.) Advocates of traditional marriage are on unsteady ground when they plant their flag in Genesis. Like this commentator, there’s a lot in the Bible I’m prepared to dismiss as ungodly, immoral, and troubling.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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