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More Solar System Drama

My second Solar System science fiction book in the past four months: Blue Remembered Earth by Alastair Reynolds. I first read two or three of his early novels about a decade ago. Last appearance on my bookshelf was about five … Continue reading

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Gaillardetz on B16

Commonweal turns the page back eight years to five writers who presented their hopes and expectations of the papacy of Benedict XVI, just starting that Easter of 2005. What are their thoughts today, at the conclusion of this papacy? This … Continue reading

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Once-In-A-Century Fireball

Universe Today has amazing video footage from many sources of the meteor’s encounter with Russia. This might convince a few doubters it’s a very good idea to track as much space stuff as we possibly can.

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Ending A Part of the Burke Legacy

Archbishop Robert Carlson has decided to end the fight “to the Supreme Court” to regain control of the renegade St Stanislaus Parish in his see city. This lets stand last March’s ruling, blogged about here. The tussle began years ago when … Continue reading

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