The Momentum of Non-Change

We’ve been fairly fortunate since our church fire to have consistent worship in one place on Sundays. Today, however, was the only exile weekend (late September to mid-April) in which our usual venue, the Iowa State Center’s Benton Auditorium, was booked. So we decided to do as much as humanly possible to promote the change. We were able to score the large hall in the student union across the street from our building. Worshipers were able (as they have been for the past three months) to leave their cars in our new parking structure, and walk across the street for Mass. The Knights also picked this weekend to welcome people back (temporarily) to Campustown with a pancake breakfast.

But as we hoped wouldn’t happen, not everybody got the message. It was on Facebook–all the parish Facebook pages. It was tweeted. It was on the banner all week at the parish web page. It was communicated in “traditional” ways–the post-Communion announcement and the print bulletin.

One of our more active students posted to Facebook:

This was not published very well …

I admit feeling a bit stung by that.

It’s a good thing modern Catholics, God bless them, don’t live in a catacomb-to-catacomb Sunday existence anymore. But they do have expectations of … what’s that monastic virtue? … stability.

It is a good thing to have a known, comfortable, and expected place to which to go to worship. Seven more weekends. Can’t come soon enough.


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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5 Responses to The Momentum of Non-Change

  1. John McGrath says:

    The only thing that really works well is the old fashioned telephone tree, with at least one follow up call to any Voice Mail message left. Online is entirely random.

  2. Jen says:

    HOw’s the fixing coming?

    • Todd says:

      They spent about a month discerning new light fixtures, and were told they were in stock. When they ordered them, were told they had to be manufactured from scratch. Hence, we’re waiting on delivery. After that, we clean and wax the floor, reconstruct the pews, and get our piano and organ back. April 15th is what they say–the day after Confirmation.

  3. Jimmy Mac says:

    Some people expect to the spoon-fed and won’t go out of their way to search for themselves. And this is a university community?

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