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The Momentum of Non-Change

We’ve been fairly fortunate since our church fire to have consistent worship in one place on Sundays. Today, however, was the only exile weekend (late September to mid-April) in which our usual venue, the Iowa State Center’s Benton Auditorium, was … Continue reading

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Four First Words

The Seven Last Words of Christ have long been a Christian observance, especially on Good Friday. Earlier today I was reflecting on Jesus first words in John’s Gospel, and I wondered how the Lord’s first utterances compared. Maybe they deserve … Continue reading

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A More Reasonable Look

I cannot read the original Italian article to make an assessment anything like Robert Moynihan’s piece on the gay lobby/blackmail/college of cardinal news bomb of the past few days. His “Letter #19” strikes me as sensible commentary. Toward the end … Continue reading

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Reconciliation Lectionary: Psalm 51:9-13

As given in number 139 of the Rite of Penance, Psalm 51 is presented almost in its entirety. Thirteen and a half verses are organized into seven stanzas–more text than you’ll find in any responsorial psalm in the Missal. Did … Continue reading

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Latest Vatican Story

The gay lobby story coming out of Rome seemed to be just a little too much to be believed. I was relieved to see John Allen weigh in with some sensible commentary. If you want to understand why Benedict is … Continue reading

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Reconciliation Lectionary: Psalm 51:6ab, 7-8

Sometimes a reading raises questions. These verses of Psalm 51 do for me: “Against you only have I sinned, and done what is evil in your sight.” Indeed, in guilt I was born, and in sin my mother conceived me; … Continue reading

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More Conclave Thoughts

Here’s a quote of the day from last month, via RNS. Robert Mickens, The Tablet: It’s not clear that it would make any difference to have a pope with an African or Latin American face if he turned out to … Continue reading

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