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Which Francis?

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One Last Post On The New Pope

NCR’s John Allen profiled him the other week. This spot didn’t give me cause for alarm: These were the years of the military junta in Argentina, when many priests, including leading Jesuits, were gravitating towards the progressive liberation theology movement. … Continue reading

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Pope Francis on Evangelization I

From another interview, when discussing the missionary spirit of the faith: Staying, remaining faithful implies an outgoing. Precisely if one remains in the Lord one goes out of oneself.¬†Paradoxically precisely because one remains, precisely if one is faithful¬†one changes. One … Continue reading

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Pope Francis On Liturgy I

Let’s talk baptism … When Cardinal Bergoglio was asked about the baptism of children whose parents were not married, he responded: To us here that would be like closing the doors of the Church. The child has no responsibility for … Continue reading

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Pope Francis

Well, this is a surprise. First Jesuit with the fisherman’s ring. Dan Horan says: The Jesuits will be insufferable now. First from the Western or Southern hemisphere. I remember a Pope Francis in Walter Murphy’s novel The Vicar of Christ. … Continue reading

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Pope Hope

My friend Charles took exception to my observation: I think most Catholics and all non-believers will care once the pope demonstrate what kind of person and believer he is. And asked: Todd, brother, would like to retract and reiterate the … Continue reading

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