Meet Susanna Today

Today’s Roman Lectionary offers a stark contrast to yesterday’s cycle C gospel. On Sunday, a woman is accused of a crime she did commit. Today, another woman is accused, but she is innocent. Daniel the prophet to the rescue in an ancient episode of Law & Order: Old Testament.

I have a musical sketched out:


Overture                                                                                           band

When You Find A Worthy Wife                  (Pr 31:10-31)        women’s schola

Many Are The Women                                                                  Joakim

Sitting With The Elders                                                                men’s schola (elders)

The Two Ways                                                   (Ps 1)                   Joakim & elders

Wickedness Out of Babylon                                                         women’s schola

In The Garden                                                                                 band

Time For Lunch                                                                               two elders

Shut The Garden Doors                                                                 Susanna & two maids

Our Desire                                                                                        two elders

Trapped                                                                                             Susanna

Accusations                                                                                       two elders

Like Lions                                                             (Ps 17:8-15)        Susanna


A Worthy Wife (reprise)                                                               band

Send for Susanna                                             (Sir 26:7-11)        two elders

Testimony                                                                                        two elders

You, My Other Self                                          (Ps 55:13-15)      Joakim

Condemnation                                                                               town elders

O Eternal God                                                                                Susanna

Return To Court                                                                            Daniel

Come Inform Us                                                                            two elders

If  You Were A Witness                                                                Daniel  & two elders


Sing to the Lord                                               (Ps 9)                     all

I remember this story from before my baptism, in 6th grade. It wasn’t in my mother’s Protestant Bible at home. I needed to refer to my new Catholic RSV to find it.

Of course, Ruth has gotten bogged down amidst the concerns of our church fire and other life adventures. So Ruth, only one-fourth complete, is the priority. But Susanna next. But the book for this musical has a good start. I still haven’t solved the problem of Susanna’s reconciliation with a husband and family so quick to jump on the wicked elders’ bandwagon. That just doesn’t ring true for a modern audience. It will need some finesse.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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