Ghost of a Pew

pew shadow 1

Our cleaning company said they couldn’t ice-blast the “shadows” out of the balcony wall like they did for all the soot accumulation from last Fall’s fire.

pew shadow 2This struck me as being slightly creepy.

The balcony floor was replaced totally–asbestos. The pews should be back any day. The church’s main floor is currently getting its layers of wax stripped off–everything down to the terrazzo. They have the Daily Mass Chapel (our north side) done, and the floor is stripped to the altar platform. That work is going slowly, but we’re still on target for a return a week from Saturday.

The diocesan liturgist sent me the relevant praenotanda from the Ceremonial of Bishops for the “reparation” of a church after a “desecration.” The archbishop said we could use as much of the rite as we wanted, and he delegated his role to the pastor. He will be in town for Confirmation Sunday. But he has been ill as of late, plus, still¬†recovering from an auto accident last year. (Main reason why his resignation was accepted three years before he was required to submit.)

I’ll post a bit more on the ritual choices we’ve made for our return Mass on Saturday evening the 20th, and what we might do for the other Sunday liturgies that weekend.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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  1. Todd, I’ll send you that actual text of the Rite for Public Prayer after the Desecration of a Church. It is what the CB is based on.

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