A funny thing happened on the way to self-excommunication. The Archbishop of Detroit got a gag order instead. Well, not a total quietude. Bishop Gumbleton spoke out.

Their conscience is the ultimate voice they have to follow. A person coming up to communion has a right to make their own decision about am I in a state of grace?… Am I ready to receive? Well, that’s for the person to decide not for the minister or not for any bishop.

Sounds about right.

But otherwise, everybody else, including the chancery has hushed up. An area Fox News reporter:

The archdiocese told me they respectfully decline further comment on this issue at this time.

In addition to reaching out to the archdiocese, I also attempted to contact several metro Detroit priests asking if they could speak out in support of the archbishop. They were either unavailable or did not grant an interview.

Essentially what we have in southeastern Michigan is public confusion. Unless, of course, those believers have well-formed consciences and don’t need the clergy to make the call on their behalf. Which is probably good, considering how nobody’s talking much about it these days. Oh wait: there’s this Austrian ex-papabile suggesting that civil unions might be fine.

I’m not quite sure of the distinction on this point. Some people are saying that marriage is, by definition, woman-man, and anything else is an imitation. If so, then does the Church care about how it’s defined legally? Nobody’s forcing clergy to witness same-sex unions. People can call whatever they have whatever they want, within their four walls and under a roof.

I still haven’t gotten a straight answer on my question. Same-sex unions do not legalize intercourse between people of the same sex. The sex thing is what the Church finds disordered, sinful, or whatever. If Archbishop Vigneron wants to zero in on what is gravely sinful, shouldn’t he be excommunicating people for not advocating the criminalization of sex outside the first woman-man marriage? Because otherwise, I don’t see what is contrary to church teaching among two people who are not having sex 24/7, but doing normal stuff, like cooking dinner, mowing the yard, paying bills, and watching Fox News. Well, maybe not the last item, there …


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to Gag

  1. John Drake says:

    Todd, please re-assure me that you are not in charge of RCIA at your parish.

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