On My Bookshelf: Mistborn

On a friend’s recommendation, I tackled the title book of Brandon Sanderson’s fantasy series. Really good read. And a unique idea in my reading experience: what if evil triumphed in a fantasy? What would life be like after the defeat? Mistborn takes place a millennium after a dark lord has taken over the world. How do the forces of good, very mortal and very flawed people, take on an immortal and supremely powerful entity who seems like a god?

This is an impressive second novel from Mr Sanderson. It has the usual characteristics of fantasy: larger than life hero, young understudy, a quest, the battle of good versus evil, special powers, and the like. There’s better-than-average world-building, and an ingenious idea for heroes and villains to gain superhuman abilities and powers. There’s snatching victory from the jaws of defeat and a few neat plot twists. The conclusion was logical, but not really predictable. Very enjoyable.

Some other plusses you might not expect: one strong female character. Good plotting that eventually ties together at the end. The reader gets a few moments that hint at depth of character beyond the two leads. But otherwise Mr Sanderson sticks with his leads and fortunately, these two are very interesting characters. They carry the book.

Only one howling error an editor probably should have caught–no idea what a “coma” is doing in a culture about the level of medieval Europe. But given how most editors seem to be satisfied with spell-check I think the overall job here was way better than average. One change of perspective seemed a bit out of place as the plot hurtled to its climax.

If I could write like this, I’d be super-pleased. I’m looking forward to the other books in the series.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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