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FBV 10

We have an intriguing trio of Bible verses in today’s poll, three very similar lines speaking of God’s redemptive power. Are we ready to receive it? Just a day after the Magnificat opener goes up for voting, the other “big” … Continue reading

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Cover-Up or Willful Ignorance?

I’m seeing the explosion of coverage and outrage on the Kermit Gosnall trial all over the web. Why isn’t the media covering this, I read. Why would they? The victims were poor. They were victims of predation, it seemed. Non-mainstream … Continue reading

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More Hand Wringing on Feet Washing

From England and Wales, Father Paul Gunter, secretary for the department for Christian Life and Worship, weighed in a few days ago on washing the feet of Holy Thursday women. To sum: don’t do as the pope does, do as … Continue reading

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Pacem In Terris 4-5: Order in Human Beings

Pope John continues here by drawing a contrast to the natural world: 4. And yet there is a disunity among individuals and among nations which is in striking contrast to this perfect order in the universe. One would think that … Continue reading

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Curia Reform Commission

Would you feel at ease with Pope Francis’ eight picks to look into curial reform? Three cardinals¬†from the Americas, one each from North, Central, and South. A German and an Italian represent Europe. One red hat each from Africa, Asia, … Continue reading

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