Cover-Up or Willful Ignorance?

I’m seeing the explosion of coverage and outrage on the Kermit Gosnall trial all over the web. Why isn’t the media covering this, I read. Why would they? The victims were poor. They were victims of predation, it seemed. Non-mainstream journalists and local people in Philadelphia have been covering this horror since 2011.

Why would the media cover this? It might not sell product. It does cast something of a shadow over abortion “services.” And abortion “services” have been mainstream since the AMA started lobbying via Republicans to decriminalize this gravy train in the 60’s.

By the way, wasn’t it a GOP push for deregulation in the Pennsylvania Governor’s office that loosened things up a good bit for abortion “services” several years ago?

Why isn’t this on your network nightly news? Deep down, this is about poor women, and desperate women. That kind of stuff doesn’t sell product. The victim would need to be a lot more attractive–someone who could sell a made-for-tv docudrama.

So, if the conservatives want to jump on the bandwagon three weeks into the trial, I say let ’em. Take a few pokes at Governor Ridge. And offer a few shout-outs to the people who indeed were covering this story through a judge-imposed news blackout. Maybe buy a subscription so you can read real news like this bit from two years ago.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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