Pacem In Terris 4-5: Order in Human Beings

Pope John continues here by drawing a contrast to the natural world:

4. And yet there is a disunity among individuals and among nations which is in striking contrast to this perfect order in the universe. One would think that the relationships that bind (people) together could only be governed by force.

5. But the world’s Creator has stamped (our) inmost being with an order revealed to (us) by (human) conscience; and (this) conscience insists on (our) preserving it. (People) “show the work of the law written in their hearts. Their conscience bears witness to them.” (Rom. 2:15) And how could it be otherwise? All created being reflects the infinite wisdom of God. It reflects it all the more clearly, the higher it stands in the scale of perfection. (Cf. Ps. 18:8-11)

While human beings seem to be the screw-ups in the big picture, we are still part of the creation of God. Human conscience draws us to a divine order. Human conscience is elevated fairly high here. Was the Holy Father right about that regard? The Psalmist (8, 18) suggests we stand high indeed in God’s creation. Is that part of God’s wisdom, that we “high” creatures should reflect more of God, despite our tendencies to disorder?

What do you think?


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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