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Video Return Spot

Watch this video clip on our return to church this weekend. Jim, you can note the anitphonal seating. Rather inconveniently, both basement sump pumps aren’t working fully just now. So there’s no running water for our lower lounge and classroom … Continue reading

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More on LCWR/CDF

I was pondering another post on the LCWR-CDF dust-up. Honestly, I didn’t think there was anything more to say about it. It seems to be in the hands of the bishops and the sisters. I think the bishops are in … Continue reading

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FBV 16

Some unfinished business in FBV 12, we need voters to break the tie between the top two. Or push Ephesians into the round of 27. I’ll count votes until about 6pm US Eastern Time this evening. Or whenever I get … Continue reading

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Homeless Jesus

What the cathedrals in Toronto and New York rejected, was accepted at a Jesuit school of theology at the University of Toronto. The artist: It was very upsetting because the rectors liked it, but when it got to the administration, … Continue reading

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Pacem In Terris 11: Rights

Rights are basic, inalienable: 11. But first We must speak of (human) rights. (A person) has the right to live. (A person) has the right to bodily integrity and to the means necessary for the proper development of life, particularly food, clothing, shelter, medical care, … Continue reading

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