Pacem In Terris 12-13: Rights Pertaining to Moral and Cultural Values

As we begin to delve into part I (numbered sections 8 through 45) of this document, we will first attend to human rights (PiT 11-27) before moving on to duties and responsibilities (28-45).

Today, a description of those rights that treat moral and cultural values. I’ve bulleted the text here in paragraph 12–this is not done in the online version:

12. Moreover,

  • (a person) has a natural right to be respected. 
  • (A person) has a right to (a) good name. 
  • (A person) has a right to freedom in investigating the truth, and—within the limits of the moral order and the common good
  • —to freedom of speech and publication,
  • and to freedom to pursue whatever profession (she or) he may choose. 
  • (A person) has the right, also, to be accurately informed about public events.

Do you find interesting the right to respect is listed first? What about the right to information? These kinds of rights are not the usual ones trumpeted by patriots these days.

An idea from Pope Pius XII, WWII era:

13. (A person) has the natural right to share in the benefits of culture, and hence to receive a good general education, and a technical or professional training consistent with the degree of educational development in (her or) his own country. Furthermore, a system must be devised for affording gifted members of society the opportunity of engaging in more advanced studies, with a view to their occupying, as far as possible, positions of responsibility in society in keeping with their natural talent and acquired skill. (Cf. Pius XII’s broadcast message, Christmas 1942, AAS 35 (1943) 9-24)



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