Pacem In Terris 18-19: Economic Rights

Work has been on the minds of popes for over a century. Pope John calls two witnesses. First, his immediate predecessor:

18. In the economic sphere, it is evident that a (person) has the inherent right not only to be given the opportunity to work, but also to be allowed the exercise of personal initiative in the work (she or) he does. (Cf. Pius XII’s broadcast message, Pentecost, June 1 ,1941, AAS 33 (1941) 201)

And Pope Leo from the landmark document Rerum Novarum:

19. The conditions in which a (person) works form a necessary corollary to these rights. They must not be such as to weaken (the) physical or moral fibre, or militate against the proper development of adolescents to (adult)hood. Women must be accorded such conditions of work as are consistent with their needs and responsibilities as wives and mothers.( Cf. Leo XIII’s encyclical letter Rerum novarum, Acta Leonis XIII, XI, 1891, pp. 128-129)

Basic justice, and the responsibility of politicians and business owners. Still trangressed, even in the Christian world today.


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One Response to Pacem In Terris 18-19: Economic Rights

  1. John McGrath says:

    We need to protect unions, with a Constitutional Amendment guaranteeing the right to form a union and collect dues from all workers at a union shop. A branch of the Justice department specifically charged with investigating union corruption also needs to be part of the amendment.

    Then we need to reinvigorate the ILO and have it report on worker abuses in the world and use it to help unions organize throughout the world.

    Without a strong and honest union movement workers and the poor will never get their rights.

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