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Bishop Arthur O’Neill

I see one of my bishops has died. My recollection of him was his endorsement and participation in the North American Forum’s 1989 Beginnings and Beyond Institute in the Rockford Diocese. He stood next to me in the choir. He … Continue reading

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More Heat for +Myers

It’s coming at the archbishop on many fronts. North New Jersey parents are ticked off. A wayward priest, forgiven by his archbishop, was with their kids. This is predictable, and justifiable anger. It’s complete craziness that the church can let … Continue reading

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Pacem In Terris 28-29: Duties

Pope John is finished speaking of rights. But rights are a springboard into the principle of a duty. This is a nuance often missed in a narcissistic perspective, when everything seems aligned to feed and nurture the individual. 28. The … Continue reading

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Magic Spell

The hand-wringing over Pope Francis and the (lack of) media criticism seems to be building. I find it all a number two attraction to the Catholic conservative spinning over other aspects of his ministry. Sandro Magister headlines the phenomenon as … Continue reading

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FBV 27

We complete the first round, the Ethereal-Eighty-One, with today’s choices. Polling will remain open for seventy-two hours, more or less, and we’ll take a break to let the voting get completed. We have Matthew’s Great Commission today. We’ve already had this … Continue reading

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