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FBV 26

Even before Will and Kate had this lead off the only Scripture passage at their wedding, it was popular in Christian circles. Will a whiff of royalty lift Saint Paul to a rare triumph in the E-81? Consider it: I … Continue reading

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So … when the Vatican says it won’t ordain any bishops for a country until an investigation is complete, is it something like an “episcopal interdict?” Cardinal Marc Ouellet, head of the Congregation¬†for Bishops, has communicated his office will not … Continue reading

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Is Newark the Next Kansas City?

Rock has this piece on his Twitter feed today. It doesn’t look good for Archbishop Myers in New Jersey. A priest of his archdiocese entered into a binding legal agreement to avoid a retrial for criminal sexual contact. (He) would … Continue reading

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Pacem In Terris 25: The Right to Emigrate and Immigrate

Another freedom described briefly, with support form Pope Pius XII: 25. Again, every human being has the right to freedom of movement and of residence within the confines of (their) own State. When there are just reasons in favor of … Continue reading

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FBV 25

Elsewhere on this site, the Favorite Bible Verse Poll goes into overtime with entry number 22. Add your vote to the total there and break the tie, if you will. In today’s polling, Saint Paul takes another crack at breaking … Continue reading

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Pacem In Terris 23-24: The Right of Meeting and Association

Can’t stop people from grouping together: 23.¬†(People) are by nature social, and consequently they have the right to meet together and to form associations with (others). They have the right to confer on such associations the type of organization which … Continue reading

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The young miss was studying her driver education manual last night. It was left open in front of the family computer. When did they approve these new fluorescent yellow-green signs as an option or replacement for yellow? The manual explained … Continue reading

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